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Alice along with Clementine Junique are the founding members of Girls To the Top (GTTT). Alice and Clementine are so excited and enthusiastic about the mountains and mountain culture we were so  psyched to get them on the team. We asked Alice a few question to learn more about GTTT and her own interests.

Alice Grenier

Alice, GTTT and Monkey Fist now work together to help benefit each other and your members. What attracted you to Monkey Fist as a brand to be affiliated with GTTT?

Alice - “When I discovered the products I fast thought that it could be something the girls or the boys of the organization would like, as it is an accessory necessary in our sport, and veyr useful to have in the bag. In any situation we may wish to look after our skin.

Monkey Fist Climber Alice Grenier

It was also a way to strengthen the links between foreign organizations and us : trying to put the ideas together and make sports people lives better!”

I think it was also very important to offer new advantages to the members of our organization to build a real community of people who share the same idea of sports.”

We completely agree with working and co-operating together, this is something we are very keen on at Monkey Fist. Alice when did you first come across Monkey Fist products?

Alice - “I discovered Monkey Fist when I was bouldering with Tibi (Therese Marie Becker), a friend I met in Chamonix. I immediately had a super feeling with Tibi : she was very enthusiastic for climbing and everything in general. Her motivation was crazy, and she told me about the brand and the sticks you made. She made me try after a hard session of bouldering. We were very happy to meet and to realize that we could share climbing days together, in a big group of strong men and women”.

Monkey Fist Alice Grenier

What kind of mountain sports do you enjoy Alice?

Alice - “I had the chance to have parents who were fond of rock climbing, so they transmitted to me the passion of climbing. Then I started loving mountaineering, following my father in the mountains and then going with my friends. I also enjoy ice climbing and skiing a lot, but I am more interested in rock things, seems more stable. Climbing granite cracks is what I prefer : putting the protection by your own is the most beautiful sensation you can have in climbing. You feel like you are free. Recently, I also motivated myself for bouldering.”

Alice Do you have any advice for any female athletes or any women with the desire to do something like or start an organisation like GTTT?

Alice - “I would advise them to believe in themselves and in their dreams. Sometimes it is not easy to go leading something, but we are able to. Do not hesitate to observe every climber, every mountaineer, every skier around you to learn more, and then go with one of your friends because you can lead now.

In our organization, it is not a question of level or performance but more of discovering, what we want to create is a community in which girls are not afraid to go in the mountains, to climb or to ski, with anyone because they know the playground. They have the skills. So the only thing I would say is learn, and go!”

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