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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - HomeMail: info@mnkyfst.comEliot Stephens Climbing

Why do you climb?

“I climb because I love the combination of the mental and physical challenge. For me, climbing is therapy from life and an exercise for the mind. When it turns from the physical into mental, the difficulty is finding the right head space to send. That’s when the real challenge comes and we use climbing to grow as a person.”

Best or most memorable climbing experience?

“My first multi-pitch in China. Only 6b+ and six pitches but it took us nine hours as we pulled the rope with a knot and had to climb back up. We came down in the dark. I’ve never been so tired on a 4+ pitch in my life and had more mosquito bites than is right, but the view and the memory will stick with me forever.”

Why taking care of your skin is important to you and your climbing?

“I have really bad skin – it’s constantly peeling and quite wet, so good skin care is a huge part of whether I am able to climb well. I love Monkey Fist and it’s the balm that I trust most.”

Why do you use monkey fist (how often)?

“My skin gets overly soft but then it can also get overly dry and on the verge of cracking so I use Monkey Fist to help heal my skin when it goes through quickly and to keep it moist when it’s starting to split. It’s great stuff!”

Top grades, hardest onsights, Ascents your psyched on having done?

“I’ve climbed 8a sport, onsighted 7c and bouldered 7b+. I also comp climb and this past year I was 2016 Senior Female Blokfest Champion. This year I’m psyched to boulder my first 7c, I’ve been trying one in Magic Wood and in the Peak. Also I hope to quickly send my 8a project at Raventor once conditions are back :D

Future climbing goals?

“8a+ within the year and consolidate 7b & 8a in a day. Also take first at a comp this year (ambitious) :D !”

Alice Hafer

Registered in England and Wales  No. 9729642

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