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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com Monkey Fist Climber Ashleigh

The big question Ash, why do you climb?

Loads of reasons. The variety of the sport really appeals to me, no two routes are ever going to be the same. It’s easy to set long & short term goals for. You can test yourself on routes/problems that were established years before you were even born and they will be in near the same condition as the day they were put up. The community is also really welcoming.

Best or most memorable climbing experience?

Most memorable would probably be getting pumped out of my mind on a route called Tufantastic in Kalymnos.

Why taking care of your skin is important to you and your climbing?

My hands tend to get a bit sweaty and it always seems to be worse when my skin is looking a bit thin. So keeping my skin in good health is good for my climbing.

Why do you use monkey fist (how often)?

For the past three years grit has been the easiest rock for me to access and it has a bit of a bite to it, so my hands rarely seem to be fully intact. But Monkey Fist soothes the skin after hard sessions and speeds up the recovery. Basically Monkey Fist gives my skin more climbing.

Top grades, hardest onsights, Ascents your psyched on having done?

I have climbed 8b sport and bouldered font 8a. I have been to Mallorca deep water soloing a couple of times and topping out there always gets me psyched. Other than that I was pretty happy to do Brad Pit in the first few weeks I started uni.

Ashleigh Wolsey Heard

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