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We Are Climbers. 1 - John Churcher

A casual chat to a friend, who then invited me along to the local climbing wall, became the start of my climbing career and participation in a sport that has given me a new lease of life. It has also given me the goal to promote climbing to other people, especially for people with disabilities.

Blog By John Churcher

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Something Positive

Blog By Ben

The man behind Monkey Fist asked me earlier this year if the accident I had last summer had made me more determined to get better than ever. I felt like the answer should have been ‘yes’, but I was honest and I said, ‘no. There is nothing positive to take from any of this’...



Guide to Becoming a Spanish Sport Climber (SSC)

Blog By Chris Shepard

I’m covered in battle scars, everything aches and I’ve been sleeping in the dirt for the last two days. In short, I’m on my last legs. It’s midnight, and early classes tomorrow are going to be tough…

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Movements and Moments - A Fontainebleau Experience

Blog By Eliot Stephens

My body wanted to sit in the fading sunlight, but my fingers wanted to be cooled on the cold rock, ready for another attempt. It was at this point that my mind became clear. I was no longer asking a question, but waiting to give my answer…

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5 Simple Skin Care Tips

Blog By Monkey Fist

It’s a lifestyle many associate with the Gypsys from films like Snatch, but to us it means simplicity and freedom. I don’t expect everyone to understand, most people think a gaston is a Disney character for god’s sake.

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Van Life

Blog By James Taylor

5 simple skin care tips to help you keep your tips in tip top condition

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Despite the arctic location there’s not only frozen waterfalls and sketchy-as-hell, marginally protected, mixed climbing to do, but world class rock climbing is to be enjoyed as well…



Destination : Arctic Climbing

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Blog By Max Bäckström

As I write this, I’m experiencing a painful, dull ache in my lower abdomen. It feels like there’s a pair of hands kneading my intestines into a fine dough - a rolling, rumbling sensation. Not a pleasant feeling. The kind of feeling you’d be saying to yourself “Hmm, I should make a doctor’s appointment. Something’s not right in my tummy.”



Crohn’s and a Climber

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Blog By Euan Ryan

Here at Monkey Fist we know the first few weeks of a new years resolution are easy. You are keen to follow your new rules or reach your new goals. But as the reality sets in that holidays are over, your back in work and the weather is still rubbish (at least in the UK) it becomes a little harder to stick to your guns. Sessions start getting missed; crisps and snacks get devoured on rainy evenings in front of rubbish TV!

But never fear Monkey Fist is here to sort all that out and keep you on track! What follows are top tips on how to get those goals in 2017!




Get Those Goals

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Blog By Monkey Fist

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