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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - HomeTip Stick£6.10

‘Tip Stick’ is a 1/2oz  version of our popular 1oz balms. Tip Stick helps to deliver Monkey Fist right where it is needed, quickly, efficiently, wherever you are whenever it is needed.The balm is shaped in a way that it is easy to apply to smaller areas especially finger tips, split tips or cuts. Easy to keep in your pocket, gym bag or even boulder bucket.

1/2oz 'Vegan Friendly All Natural Balm'



1oz Balm


These are the Big Boys of the Monkey Fist family. These 1oz balms pack all the skin healing punch needed to get you back to doing what you love.

1oz Monkey Fist comes packed in a screw top tin to keep your balm fresh and ready to use.

Simply rub the balm onto your skin to help heal any cuts, scrapes, sore or thin skin on your fingertips, dry or cracked hands and many other things. Monkey Fist will work as well on your feet as it does on your hands

Monkey Fist 1oz BananaMonkey Fist 1oz All Natural

1oz 'Vegan Friendly All Natural Balm'



1oz 'Vegan Friendly Banana Scented Balm'



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1/2oz 'Vegan Friendly Banana Scented Balm'