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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com Clementine Junique

Clementine along with Alice Grenier are the founding members of Girls To the Top (GTTT). Clementine and Alice are so excited and enthusiastic about the mountains and mountain culture we were so  psyched to get them on the team. We asked Clementine a few question to learn more about GTTT and her own interests.

When did the idea for GTTT first come about?

Clementine - “We are both born in a mountain environment. We were a lot following our high mountain guide dads or our strong friends. One day  we realized that it was another adventure to take part of the climbs, rather than just follow, it was time to lead. It was the right time for us to take things under control and to lead the teams and expeditions.

Monkey Fist Climber Clementine

For instance, I really realized it when one day I was rock climbing with a friend and I told her “you have the level to do this pitch first, go ahead”. My friend was embarrassed because after so many years and routes she didn't know how to fix the belay herself. Starting from this feeling, we fast realised that the mountain community had many girls taking part but lacking  self confidence to be leading. We wanted to help change this and open up women's horizons through inspiring and teaching confidence.”

Monkey Fist Clementine Climbing

That is amazing, so you started Girls To The Top to help support and grow this confidence of women in the mountain environment, that is really cool.  Clementine how long has GTTT been running, where do you see it going in the future?

Clementine-It's been 2 years that we have worked on it. In the first year GTTT was really a focus on a film we made. The second year was to really start the GTTT organization. Now and for the next year, we want to focus on the events that will strengthen our mountain girl community. To this end we have organized some parties in Chamonix (it's always easy to meet people while drinking beers), we will also do a winter event (ski),  and one summer event (going to stay in a mountain hut). In an more informal way many meetings are organized, trips to go skiing, climbing or mountaineering between members of the organization all year.

We really want to keep GTTT simple, our goal is to create links between similar minded girls, and to encourage them to lead. We also want men to be a part of our project, to help us in the same way female athletes and climbers can; through their skills and experiences. It is important to say here that we are not against men in the mountains, sometimes men just have to encourage us or let us take matters into our own hands. We also are working a lot for partnership for our members, such as discounts in some mountain shops, some goodies, some training events and articles by high mountain guides etc..), and affiliation with companies such as Monkey Fist”

Monkey Fist Clementine Mountains

This all sounds amazing Clementine, we are very stoked about your project and we will try to get out to one of your Chamonix parties. How can people get involved directly  with GTTT, or become a member?

Clementine -Don't hesitate to contact us by email girlstothetop.chamonix@gmail.com or on our Facebook Pag or visit the Website (Click logos below) . There are many ways to help on an event and to be part of our director team. You can have different degrees of involvement, help with the social network or just enjoying our events!”

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