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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com Monkey Fist Climber Cole Bradburn Cole Bradburn

Cole, before we read your bio (which follows below) we wanted to ask you some quick questions about Monkey Fist products?

Sure man go ahead

First one is simple, when do you use Monkey Fist products?

I use Monkey Fist to heal skin after long abusive sessions climbing outside or in the gym and even just during rest days.

How long have you been using Monkey Fist and why did you choose Monkey Fist skin care products?

I have used Monkey Fist since January 2015. My friend Griffin let me try some and I instantly liked it. It soaked in so fast but it still felt like my skin was benefiting right away. Why I choose Monkey Fist products is simple, Monkey Fist is amazing!. I really can tell a difference if I use it after climbing, it helps me keep climbing multiple days on and gives me extra tries on my projects. On top of it all it comes in a banana scent! What could be better than bananas?

Cheers Cole, we are psyched to have you on the team !

Monkey Fist Climber Cole Bradburn Competition

I started climbing at a very young age. First hanging out on pads in Hueco and swinging on ropes in American Fork Canyon. My parents instilled a love for climbing in me since I was born. My first memories of climbing are the many days I spent inside the Quarry climbing gym in Provo, Utah. Where Jeff Pedersen coached me. Then I joined the competitive climbing team at the Momentum indoor climbing gym in Salt Lake City, Utah. Where I have been a team member ever since. For a long time I focused on competition climbing. I competed in the youth SCS and ABS national competitions multiple times. As well as making finals at the first annual Di’namik competition in Salk Lake City. But living in Utah I am blessed with some of the best outdoor climbing you can get. So for the past 4 years I have shifted my focus from training and climbing inside to climbing outside as much as possible. I have also tried to give back by re-bolting and adding new routes to my local climbing areas like American Fork Canyon and all around Utah. So others will be able to safely enjoy the routes and places I enjoy

Climbing up to 5.12 and projecting No Way Jose (5.13). I have taken this love for trad and aid climbing to desert towers. Climbing many aid and trad towers on the Colorado Plateau. I have put up new routes on towers in the San Rafael Swell and in the Towerlands area near Hanksville, Utah. I have also spent time alpine climbing. Taking trips to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California to climb the Palisades Traverse. This linked multiple 14,000-foot peaks and took just over one day to complete. As well as take a trip to the Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range, Wyoming. Where I climbed on the traverse in a day push from my meadow base camp. With more trips planned to go climb on the Hulk in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. But right now I am in the middle of a 7-month bouldering trip. I started the trip mid January 2015 in Fontainebleau, France. Then I traveled for a short time to Helsinki, Finland to check out the amazing bouldering there. Now I am in Magic Wood, Switzerland until I head to Rocklands, South Africa where I end my trip in mid August. So far this trip I have had the opportunity to climb on many amazing lines. But some of the boulders I am most proud of are Big Dragon(V11/12), Gourmandise Raccourci(V12), Traphouse Raccourci(V13), and Elephunk(V13) in Fontainebleau. I also flashed One Love(V10) during my short stay in Finland. I am also psyched to have climbed Muttertag(V11), Nothing Changes(V11), and Electric Boogie(V12) in Magic Wood.

This shift started the summer of 2011 when I took a trip to Spain. I sport climbed in Rodellar and Arrotz. Then in the summer of 2014 I took a trip to Europe again for sport climbing. I stopped in the Frankenjura, Barcelona, Ceuse, and the Verdon Gorge. Then I finished off the year projecting at my home crag Hell Cave in American Fork Canyon. During these trips I climbed many 5.13 routes. Some of my proudest ascents were Bourinator(5.13b) in Ceuse, the ultra-classic Chasin’ the Trane(5.12d) in the Frankejura, and Dead Souls(5.13d) in American Fork Canyon.

I also have fallen in love with traditional and aid climbing. In the past two years I have spent time trad climbing in the North Wash near Utah’s Henry Mountains, the Uinta Mountains, City of Rocks, Idaho, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Rock Canyon, and in the San Rafael Swell.

Monkey Fist Climber Cole Bradburn Traditional Monkey Fist Climber Cole Bradburn Coaching

When this trip ends I will go back to Salt Lake City and start studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. I will also start coaching the youth competitive team at Momentum indoor climbing in Salt Lake City. I hope to help the kids on the team learn as much as I did during my many years on the team. As well as lead them down a path of safe training so they can always enjoy climbing for the rest of their lives like I hope to do.

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