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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com Eliot Stephens Climbing

Why do you climb?

“Lots of reasons. I love being outside, I like the community and group atmosphere that you can get going out climbing with a bunch of mates. I also love succeeding on things which push me, but also putting up with the failure that makes the successes that much sweeter.”

Best or most memorable climbing experience?

“I've had some really memorable and special days trad climbing or up in the mountains which I remember more than sending something. But those moments where you climb something you didn't expect to climb, a few of those stand out. Brad Pit was probably the best case of that for me, not knowing I was going to do it until my hand hit the finishing jug. Too often you get close when trying a problem and realise that you'll probably do it. The result then almost becomes a given, and then not satisfying when it actually happens.”

Why taking care of your skin is important to you and your climbing?

“Taking care of your skin is an essential tactic which I feel many people overlook.  The importance of having fresh skin which is dry and grippy is important in sport and trad climbing, but critical for bouldering. Being able to use a balm that will heal your skin overnight and that also doesn't smell like disinfectant is brilliant.”

Why do you use monkey fist (how often)?

“Because it smells good and it works! I'll use it after almost any day of climbing to ensure my skin is the best it can be for the next day!”

Top grades, hardest onsights, Ascents your psyched on having done?

“Font 8b, Font 7C+ Flash and a lowly french 8a (don't get on a rope very often). Most psyched to have climbed Sway On (8A) in North Wales which I tried sporadically over a year and a half. Its essentially a powerful two move problem that you're either strong enough for, or you're not. Climbing it was made more special by the fact that the day I did it, I was 2nd day on, my skin wasn't prime and I had no real expectations. The best.”

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Eliot Stephens