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February 8th


Get Those Goals

Blog By Monkey Fist

Here at Monkey Fist we know the first few weeks of a new years resolution are easy. You are keen to follow your new rules or reach your new goals. But as the reality sets in that holidays are over, your back in work and the weather is still rubbish (at least in the UK) it becomes a little harder to stick to your guns. Sessions start getting missed; crisps and snacks get devoured on rainy evenings in front of rubbish TV!

But never fear Monkey Fist is here to sort all that out and keep you on track! What follows are top tips on how to get those goals in 2017!

 Therese Marie Becker Bouldering

Do you really want it…

“I really like this quote ‘if you can dream it, you can do it”-Monkey Fist climber Therese Marie Becker

This is the foundation to success, it’s easy to say I want to do this, or in 2017 I will be…! But do you really want it.

Almost anything can be achieved if you really want it, in fact the true desire to achieve a certain goal is often what sets apart those who are doing or have done it with those who have not.

We are now one month into 2017 and it’s the perfect time to think about your desire to do whatever it is you wish to do. When you really want something the sacrifices will seem warranted, the aspects of your life that you need to change will seem changeable.

But don’t let that daunt you! Even those with a real drive to achieve their goals will have low energy days, weeks or even months! We are human after all and a single pointed desire can burn out and need some refuelling. If your psych is dwindling why not take a break from training, climb for fun. Perhaps visit a different gym, go to a different cross fit box, and force a little change in the habits.

Get some psych back from those who have done it, there are plenty of talks touring around in the winter months. Go see a famous climber talking about their exploits, you always leave psyched and also perhaps with the realisation that our heroes are only human and if they can, you can!

Monkey Fist Climber James McHaffie

Build up to it

“Some advice about goals is that written goals are considerably more likely to succeed than unwritten ones. More detailed they are the more likely to succeed. It is important to keep the focus based on the processes rather than the outcome. As in the small steps you need to take to achieve it. This is just stuff from sports science bumf, but can work into red point stuff well.”-  Monkey Fist climber James Mchaffie

So you have the desire to do it (even if that’s a little ember in the back of your mind), the foundation to success is laid.

But just like a sky scrapper you must build up from the foundations. You cant build a house by first making the roof (okay you can, but that ruins my metaphor, so just go with me on this).

It is very easy to give up when looking at the big picture, a 26-mile marathon seems a long way, but a mile seems less. If you do 26 of the little miles, just one after the other, you have your marathon. It seems simple but you can’t argue with the maths. Keep it simple.

It’s just the same in climbing and cross fit. Dead lifting 100kg seems a big ask if your PB is 50kg…but build up that PB bit by bit over a solid time frame and it will come!

In climbing this is getting a good base at one grade before moving on! Or understanding how to place nuts and cams before your locked off on a half crimp edge trying to wobble in a brass off set on some gnarly mountain crag with no phone signal!

It will cost time, and maybe money

“I find it difficult every day to juggle the demands of growing a brand, earning enough money to live, finding time to improve as a climber and the ever increasing desire to be an adventure climber. It is like I am spinning plates, and every month another plate gets added that I have to keep spinning. I am beginning to realise that occasionally ill forget a plate, it will stop spinning and come crashing down to the floor. Then I realise you only need so many plates, and I am so privilege to even have any plates to spin.’’ Sam Tolhurst – Monkey Fist Owner and Climber.   

Monkey Fist Climer Sam Tolhurst

Don’t be foolish the statement ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ is a fact, not just something an old person in a rocking chair grumbles at you when your asking for advice.

Really this also falls into point 1, do you really want it. Achieving what you want will almost certainly cost you time, that is either time directed to it or time lost from something else. Time is the real resources of all our lives; it can be easily washed away and wasted with falsities or unimportant trivia. Or our time can be spent sensibly, with every drop savoured and invested.

Achieving your goals will mean directing time towards them. Perhaps directly through training and practising or indirectly for example through resting!

Goals can cost us money in two ways, either money must be spent to help achieve the goal, or time to earn money must be redirected towards achieving the goal and therefore not earning us money.

Money is in reality only a tool to life rather than an end in itself, a fact that has been forgotten in the modern world. However countless numbers of us feel guilty when we work less (this is working for the ‘man’) to direct time to achieve our goals. This guilt is not our fault, modern society has infected us with the guilt trip that if we aren’t working we are not contributing. This is something you will have to deal with in your own way, and staying focused on the end point is one way to lessen this feeling. But time spent towards learning or direct towards a passion is not time to feel guilty about!!

It’s the tough sessions that count

Heather Taylor Runner

“The quote I really like is ‘Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.’ Also ‘never give up, things will only get better”. Monkey Fist Athlete and GB Duathlon team member Heather Taylor

It is easy to put the time in when your full of beans, the weathers great and the boy/girl you just asked out said yes. But it’s the sessions you don’t really want to do that count.

‘Works been tough, it is raining, I am tired.’

I am sorry but its time for us to get tough with you, there are thousands of people in the world suffering, really suffering and you having to stress about going for a run when it’s a bit cold is in fact a privilege! So get up, go out and get it done!!

But please don’t get injured…not training due to over training or increased injury risk is warranted. But if that’s just an excuse then turn off your phone, and get on with it.

Life gets in the way (don’t sacrifice it)

Monkey Fist Climber Holly Rees

“There will be times when parts of your life take over, and you lose sight of your goals and ambitions. Step back, reassess, and go for what you really want. Life is too short not to.” Monkey Fist climber and full time Vet Holly Rees

We only get one life and it doesn’t follow a set path. Obstacles do arise, as do other wants and desires. Embrace life and all it throws at you don’t sacrifice it. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your life to allow you to balance everything better.

Be true to you

“Many young people are getting so much advice from their parents and from their teachers and from everyone. But what is most important is that you have to dig deep down, dig deep down and ask yourselves, who do you want to be? Not what, but who. Figure out for yourselves what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to other people.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

This one is short and sweet. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says you can or cannot achieve. Be true to yourself, if you want it you can achieve it. Just remember we put people on the moon!! So why not shot for the stars and you may just land on the moon.

Be humble and ask advice from everyone absolutely everyone

"When I produced my first ever film, I was so proud that I took it to show to a leading film maker in the industry. It was ripped to shreds and I left the meeting gutted.

Over time, however, I learned that although harsh, the criticism I received that day was the most honest I would ever receive. To this day I think about it and it affects my work in a positive way. If I hadn't been brave and asked for advice, I would still be making the mistakes I made in that film." Euan Ryan, Film Maker and Director of Finalcrux Films

Euan Ryan Final Crux FilmsMonkey Fist Final Crux Films

The door to success and learning is much easier to open when you admit you know nothing. Putting yourself on a pedestal or assigning a level to your knowledge is setting up for failure. You may have more experience than someone else, or be physically superior to someone else but you can still learn from those less experienced than yourself. Take advice from everyone and anyone willing to offer it, say thank you for it and in your own time decide whether you’ll take it or not. Remember you’ll never be better than the rest, there is always someone better, but why not try to be the best you can be!

Not succeeding is only a failure if you did not try! Go out there and try, make the mistakes and try again!

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