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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com Monkey Fist Nat Tanzer

Why do you climb?

“A tough question!  There are so many answers, and they are constantly changing and evolving,..  Mainly though, I climb because it's so much fun.  It's challenging and satisfying.  It's the place where I feel free and happy.  Climbing can be hard, and painful, but it's the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It has brought me into a network of incredibly supportive, creative and passionate people.

The sense of community when I climb, whether indoors or out, always keeps me smiling. It shows me my limits, weaknesses, fears and doubts, and it teaches me how to overcome them.  It rewards persistence, encourages creativity and commands your attention for hours on end.  It has taught me to find acceptance and joy in failure.  It is a process, a journey and a destination all rolled up into one.  It has given me the best memories, being outdoors with good friends.  Above all, it's a passion that comes naturally!”

Best or most memorable climbing experience?

“My most memorable climbing experiences are those which seemed most unlikely to begin with.  The slow realisation of the impossible becoming possible.  I completed my first real outdoor sport project, Anaconda, a tough 7c, in April 2013.  This route has everything – incredible steep tufa-climbing to start, a huge and powerful move to a pocket, followed by some amazing, blank, technical (and quite run-out!) slab-climbing to finish.  I had tried the route the year before and got nowhere, so then realising I could do the moves, and the subsequent red-point attempts, felt wonderful.  This then gave me the confidence to try more harder routes - within a month I had done 2 more 7c's and a 7c+, and within 6 months I had done my first 8a.”


Why taking care of your skin is important to you and your climbing?

“When your skin is good, the rock feels so much better.  The friction is better, you don't slip off the holds so much.  As a lover of crimps, good skin means I can bear down on really small, sharp holds without the pain taking my mind away and keeping me from trying as hard as I want to!”


Top grades, hardest onsights, Ascents your psyched on having done?

“There are so many amazing routes that I'm psyched to have done!  Red-pointing Salva Mea, 8a (Altea) and Cervan Tres, 7c+ (Montanejos).  Almost flashing Storm Warning, 7c+ (Brean Down), only to fall, completely pumped, on the finishing jugs at the top!  Sending Le Barre Fix, 7B+, my anti-style and hardest boulder to date, in Fontainebleau.”  


Future climbing goals?

“As a female climber, it's really exciting to see more and more females taking up the sport and pushing themselves, and to see top athletes like Shauna Coxsey and Alex Puccio raising the standards of female climbing.  In most sports, the physiological differences mean that men are generally at a higher level than women.  But climbing seems to be such an evener of ground, that there is no reason why women should not climb just as hard as men.  I am continuously working to challenge myself, through training and climbing as much as possible, and, in doing so, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I have been focusing on bouldering for the last few years, since power has always been my weakest link, but this year I am aiming to return my focus to sport climbing.  In the coming year, goals are to on-sight 7c, repeat a number of 8a's, and redpoint 8b.  In outdoor bouldering, I will be aiming for 7C, and to repeat a few more 7B's.”


Link to any blogs, websites, Vimeo etc?

“I currently live in Spain, where myself and my partner run a holiday villa, Casa Lometa, in the Costa Blanca.  I am also a Yoga Teacher, and run Yoga for Climbers holidays every Spring and Autumn, as well as Yoga for Climbers Winter Workshops at climbing walls around the UK.”

Yoga Website: https://aarohatiyoga.wordpress.com/

Costa Blanca Holiday Villa: https://casalometa.wordpress.com/

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgI25lr8pv8FB6SgSFHjM3Q

Natalie Tanzer