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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com Monkey Fist Climber Nora Kiraly

Hey Nora, all of us here at Monkey Fist are very much psyched to have you on the team! :). We have a few questions so we can get to know you better!

I am Psyched to be on team Monkey Fist, ask away :)

Nora, you are a super keen climber who trains and works very hard, when did you start climbing?

I started climbing in 2000 when I was 9 years old

Nora you live in Hungary, what is the climbing scene like there?

We have a few climbing/bouldering gyms here in Budapest. Unfortunately, Hungary doesn’t have a lot of natural rock. :(

Nora If we visited what is the one venue we must check out?

Nora Kiraly

I think you should visit the Monkey Boulder in Budapest, that’s the gym where I work, so we could meet. :)

We would love to come visit you at the gym :)! When did you first use/hear about the Monkey Fist brand?

I got my first Monkey Fist balm from my friend, Charlie in Rocklands this summer.

Monkey Fist Climber Nora Kiraly Rocklands

Why do you trust in Monkey Fist for your skin care?

My skin isn’t the problem since I use Monkey Fist. I went to a one week training camp to Cafe Kraft, I climbed everyday, 2 sessions a day, had one rest day. My skin was so pink in the end of each day. I used the Monkey Fist balm every evening, and I was always able to climb the next day. I like the banana smell too, so sweet!

What are your future climbing goals is there any routes or countries you wish to climb/visit?

This year I went to Rocklands and I really fell in love with that place. I hope I can go back and finish my unfinished business.  

When you are not climbing what do you get up to?

I am still a student and I also work in a local bouldering gym, training beginner climbers.

One final question, and it is probably the hardest, why climbing :) ?

Climbing is the best thing in my life. I believe that climbing makes us a better person. You will have good and bad days, you have to deal with them. You have to work hard, but there is no better than the feeling when all the work pays off. That feeling makes me so happy. :) As an extra, it drives you to wonderful places. You can meet amazing people from all around the world. Last but not least, climbing is fun!!

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