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Monkey Fist Climbing and Crossfit Hand Balm - Home Mail: info@mnkyfst.com

Why do I climb.

“I love the problem solving, getting really stuck into a project at my limit. I also like the community, the friends you meet climbing and the places you get to see.’'

 My most memorable or best climbing experience.

“My most memorable climbing experience has to be an 8 hour night climbing epic in Llanberis with two great mates. It was only 3 pitches but we got a little lost and then the storm came. The weather was atrocious and we were completely unprepared, not recommended but it was absolutely mega.’’

Why taking care of my skin is important to me and my climbing.

“I used to be terrible for neglecting my skin, I mean really bad. Then I got to a level where having taped up skin and split finger tips was effecting my climbing. Since that time I have learnt just how crucial your skin is to your climbing. It is the frontline the connection between you and the rock.”

What are my future climbing goals ?

“I wish to keep improving my ability to train. Training is something I have really been getting into in the last few years. Something I am keen to learn more about and improve at. Hard multipitch and big walling is where I see myself in another few years. Most importantly I want to keep enjoying my climbing”

Monkey Fist Climber Sam Tolhurst

My Name is Sam. I am the man behind the Monkey Fist Brand. Quite literally in fact, as the Monkey Fist Logo is based on my own hand.

I started Monkey Fist out of the desire to do my own thing, to see direct results from the energy I put in. I wanted to create a brand that gave back to the community that it grew from. Achieving this through producing quality products at fair prices. With a big ethic of giving to charity. Myself and all those involved with the brand are friendly honest people and I hope this is reflected in Monkey Fist.

I am a passionate climber, since starting at the end of my first year at university it has become an increasing part of my life and who I am. I am currently very focused on training and sport climbing. When I started climbing it was all bouldering and traditional rock climbing. I have been to Europe several times and when I get the chance and conditions I enjoy the UK winter climbing.

Sam Tolhurst

Registered in England and Wales  No. 9729642

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