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Below are the Mega Guys and Gals involved with and Sponsored by Monkey Fist!

Monkey Fist Climber Cole Bradburn Monkey Fist Climber Nora KialyMonkey Fist Climber Chris DaviesMonkey Fist Climber James McHaffieMonkey Fist Climber Sam TolhurstMonkey Fist Climber Samantha JonesMonkey Fist Athlete Heather TaylorMonkey Fist Climber Tom BolgerMonkey Fist Climber Holly ReesMonkey Fist Climber Ben DavisonMonkey Fist Climber Robbie PhillipsAlice GnrMonkey Fist Climber Morgan PreeceMonkey Fist Climber Clementine JuniqueMonkey Fist Climber Eliot StephensMonkey Fist Climber Therese Marie BeckerMonkey Fist Climber Leo SkinnerMonkey Fist Climber Nat TanzerMonkey Fist Climber Jacob CookCole  BradburnNora  KiralyChris  DaviesSam TolhurstSamantha JonesJames  McHaffieAlice GrenierRobbie  PhillipsBen DavisonHolly ReesTom BolgerHeather TaylorTherese Marie BeckerEliot StephensClementine JniqueMorgan PreeceAshleigh Wolsey HeardWill SmithNatalie TanzerJacob CookLeo  SkinnerMonkey Fist Climber Alice HaferMonkey Fist Climber Joe Heeley

Joe Heeley

Alice Hafer