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Best or most memorable climbing experience?

“Too many good times to name a single experience. Obviously completing projects is memorable due to the time investment and the satisfaction it brings but it’s not always about performance and personal bests. Those perfect days on the grit with crisp blue skies or just climbing a load of great routes in a new place.”

“I’ll always remember my first trip to Ceuse in 2012. I’d just finished school and it was my first big climbing trip. I’d trained hard for 6 months and it paid off. I got really into the simple lifestyle of climb, eat, sleep, repeat and had loads of great days with friends, old and new. It’s probably what really got me hooked on sport climbing.”

Why taking care of your skin is important to you and your climbing?

“Skin is so often a limiting factor in how many goes you can have on something so if you want to maximise your climbing/training time it’s got to be looked after well.”

Top grades, hardest onsights, Ascents your psyched on having done?

“Ive redpointed 8c+ and onsighted 8a. Junior British lead climbing champion 2013.”


Will Smith

Monkey Fist asked Will a few questions about his climbing:

Why do you climb?

“I sometimes ask myself that too. I think at the most basic level I just love the physical movement of climbing but clearly there’s more to it than that. I really enjoy the process of progression in climbing; working hard for something and then achieving it (ideally). I also enjoy the feeling of being in the moment while I’m climbing, with nothing on my mind other than what I’m doing on the rock in front of me. That sense of absolute focus is something that I only get from climbing at my limit. Then of course there’s the non-performance aspects like travel and friends that all add up to make the whole experience so great.”

Monkey Fist Climber Will Smith Era Vella

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